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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Today is my youngest daughter's 4th birthday. Sigh. The "baby" is not a baby any longer. This is the longest "space" Roger and I have had between children, a rather poignant reminder of how our lives are changing and how our roles are expanding. While still the parents of toddlers, we are also grandparents to three (soon to be four and one in heaven) beautiful grandchildren. For over twelve years we had at least one child, and frequently two, in diapers.

The last three pregnancies were hard beyond belief...bed rest from the sixth month on, not being able to walk, using a wheelchair and a walker and the distinct possibility of not being able to walk again. What a price...but what was purchased was beyond measure. Maximilian, Abigail and Rylee Elizabeth! I can't imagine a world without them, my family without them, ME without them. Though we would gladly welcome another child (please God!) into our family, we also know that our God has wisdom that supercedes our desire. May His will be done and may we remain open to His promptings.

So we celebrate the life of a child today, and in doing so, celebrate the lives of all children. God bless all families who remain open to grace, open to to life.

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