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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Morning or Afternoon?

Once again, it is a lovely morning. I sit alone at the computer, a gentle breeze rippling the curtains, while the birds sing their morning chorus. Would you wake your children up? The Wasson family has not yet finished school for the year. The search for a new home coupled with the monumental task of moving has left us with much to accomplish to round out the school year.

Every school day we face this dilemma: morning school or afternoon? The mornings are so enticing. It is so cool and inviting, the day simply begs to be "lived" right now! So, sometimes we do just that. We invite our friends over, share our day and then struggle to finish school work before supper. Other days, the morning just seems to be the best time to accomplish the task at hand...get it done and enjoy the rest of the day in freedom. Alas, mother is not helping when she enjoys the solitude so much...sigh...

It is a blessing to have these decisions! How many children are dragged from their beds and ushered off to a public institution for 7 hours a day? No prayer, no hugs, no quick run outside to check the garden...Thank you Lord, for all of the challenges of homeschooling. Mapping out the day, planning the curriculum, dealing with disciplinary issues and never getting enough laundry done. I am truly thankful that I have the privilege of agonizing over these and many other decisions

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