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Friday, February 22, 2008

New blog address...

I've had it with Internet Explorer!! And Blogger!!!

I'm so frustrated...I simply can't resolve the problem with this blog. Many of my readers are still (gasp!) using IE7. Despite numerous efforts, I simply can't make this blog look the way it should with IE7. I should have been viewing the blog in multiple browsers when making customizations...mea culpa! Since everything looked okay with Firefox, I never checked with IE7. Here are some of the problems for IE7 readers: Only one post is visible...for some readers only the sidebar. Some readers can't access the comment feature. desperation I have transferred the entire blog to Wordpress. Everything is the same. Well...almost everything, the account is, instead of There's a lot of tweaking that I will have to take care of...after Lent.

Could you stop by and take a look? Let me know if this format is little more "friendly". I'm very interested in your opinion. Suggestions are most welcome!

Here's the new CFV:

Catholic Family Vignettes

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