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Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Homeschool Latin Mass

Up at 6:00 a.m. with six very sleepy children and a college student. A hasty breakfast, dress for Mass, out the door and into a torrential downpour. Ten minutes later, stuck in traffic.


Late. Not for Again. An hour and fifteen minutes on the road for a twenty minute drive. God bless her, she's been late twice. Not a single word of reproach.

Mass. Praise God! On time, the boys don their vestments. This is the Homeschool Latin Mass. Seated with the younger children, I observe the sea of empty pews. Two families. Then three. Four. A very slow trickle.

Fr. Lutz asks Zachary for a count. "Thirteen, Father!"

"Thirteen?!" Father places a few hosts in the ciborium. A few moments later, the church is swarming with children!

Mass begins, and the Church continues to fill. I didn't count, but I would estimate at least one hundred children and parents were in attendance.

At least 85% of these families were from neighboring parishes. This was their first Latin Mass. How precious!

These wonderful mothers and fathers brought their children, on a weekday, during the worst storm imaginable, fighting their way through snarled traffic due to numerous weather-related accidents to attend this Mass. A Latin Low Mass.

How well-behaved the children were! Wet and cold, to be sure, but no more noise than one would expect under the circumstances.

What could be lovelier than a sanctuary full of kneeling children and their loving parents?


+JMJ+ said...

Do you realize how blessed you are?!

The mention of the name 'latin Mass" sends many in our homeschool group to cry "Divisive".

How many operate from fear...DO NOT BE AFRAID!

Thanks for sharing this remarkably encouraging story!

Micki said...

What a site this must have been.
I wonder what Father's thoughts must have been centered on...perhaps the multiplication of bread?????