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Thursday, September 20, 2007

What a wise guy...

A sinus headache. And where are the last two sinus tabs? In the bottom of my purse (cue dramatic music!)

As I'm rummaging through my purse, which is a large, shapeless bag, I'm cursing the sheer volume of paper, the three mantillas, two church bulletins and large umbrella stand (oh...wait...that's Mary Poppins!), trying to find the world's smallest pack of foil-wrapped pain relievers.

"I hate this purse!"

My thirteen year old son, with a wry smile, says:

"Hey mom...maybe you need to find a purse with shelves...or maybe you just need those stackable things, like in a toolbox..."

Very funny...very, very funny.

My dear friend Sandra, who actually puts her cash in her wallet and knows where her keys are, is laughing her head off right now...

Do they make purses with shelves? I wonder...


Geoff said...

I can see all the moms whipping out their tackle box-style purses at the store register!

Make that purse into a science experiment about gravity, and mass, and velocity! Or not.

scmom said...

Yikes -- I left a comment under my son's account. How in the world...?