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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What's a TV dinner?

A lovely family meal. Chicken parmagiana served on a bed of whole wheat garlic infused pasta and the best loaf of crusty, Italian bread.

Of course, there were the inevitable complaints: "what's this?" "do I like this?" "have we had this before?" - I've heard them many times.

"It's chicken'll love it. Yes, we've had it before. You should be thankful for a homecooked meal. When I was a child (yes...I actually said those dreaded words) the only way I ever had chicken parmagiana was in a TV dinner."

Blank stares.

"What's a TV dinner?" my oldest son asked.


It took quite awhile to explain to them why anyone would want to eat instant mashed potatoes, unidentifiable meat and cooked front of the television, no less.

Having "not-so-fond" memories of salisbury steak...


Amy Caroline said...

Oh my goodness, amd I laughing!!
We had chicken parm last night too, but the kids were excited to have something new. I have been in a bit of a rut lately.
Anyway, those TV Dinners were (are nasty). Man, I remember ebing so excited over Stoffer's French bread pizza. We would open a can of mushrooms and sprinkle them on top. Ahhhh... home cookin'.
The funniest thing was I was so excited to go to grandma's for dinner once, because as all kids know, grandmas make awesome home cooked meals with bog cookies. I got KFC.
Maybe that is what led me to making homemade bread daily, lol.

Amy Caroline said...

Oh and don't even get me going on salisbury steak...

Amy Caroline said...

Leaving my third and final comment... sorry for the spelling mistakes... eek! I type way to fast.

Alexa said...

I'm just whizzing by the blogs on my blogroll to let ya'll know that I've moved URLs - if you're interested in keeping up with me, which I'm not presuming you are - but do hope you are! Here's the link: Alexa