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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Eve of St. Nicholas

It is nearly that time again...time to set our shoes upon the hearth in hopes that St. Nicholas will bring a few little gifts for those of us who have been very, very good.

Well...perhaps mostly good will suffice! This evening we will read about the life of our good Saint, light the Advent wreath and share a little snack before setting out the shoes. The children are usually so excited about the coming of St. Nicholas--today they are just a little distracted by all the snow.

They have been in and out all day long. Coats on, hats on, gloves on, snowpants on, boots on. Coats off, hats off, gloves off, snowpants off, boots off. At least four times. Thank heavens for the "mud room"...which is truly living up to its name--perhaps "slush room" would be appropriate, as well.

Soon the sun will set and the temperature will plummet into the low teens. Normally, the hubby and I would enjoy a midnight walk in the winter wonderland, but that is not happening tonight.'s not the cold. The dear man is still plowing...since 2:00 a.m. Say a little prayer for him, if you would. I know he is so very tired.

We'll walk tomorrow night!

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