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Thursday, December 6, 2007

This looks interesting...

An intriguing new movie is set for release in February 2008, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Watch this trailer:

For those of us who reject the "doctrine" of Darwin and his many cohorts, the film raises a very interesting question: Why is mainstream science supressing the teaching of Intelligent Design? Ben Stein attempts to answer this question in a thought provoking manner, demonstrating instances in which top Intelligent Design scientists and educators have been persecuted for their beliefs and teachings.

As someone who believes in the TDC (the Traditional Doctrine of Creation) as taught by the Church, the struggle to present this body of teaching is increasingly difficult. The majority of library books, text books, science programs, etc., which deal with creation, espouse evolutionary science as a fact--not a theory.

Don't get me children are being taught exactly what Darwin/Evolutionary science teaches about creation. And then they are taught the truth.

Here are a couple of excellent resources for your perusal:

The Kolbe Center For The Study Of Creation

Evolution And Other Fairy Tales by Dr. Larry Azar (I'm still reading this one!)
A Neo-Patristic Approach To Creation-Science

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