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Friday, June 15, 2007

A beautiful day

Happy Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus! May you find His Most Sacred Heart to be the source of all joy and comfort.

It was a beautiful day. We reveled in the glories of nature at a local park, once again the children splashing and playing in the cool waters of Darby Creek. The evening meal was followed by a solemn yet joyful "re-consecration" of our home and family to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and a lovely "re-enthronement" as well.

The children assisted in decorating the mantle with wildflowers and large thorns they had gathered this afternoon. The glow of many candles illuminated the simple altar and provided a lovely setting for the enthronement of the image of our Lord's Most Sacred Heart. The grandparents had never participated in an enthronement ceremony, and so made their first consecration. It was quite a touching event to have the entire family gathered in prayer.

The rest of the evening was spent recording the most hilarious birthday video for my brother. Afterwards, we celebrated the joys of the day with ice cream and brownies. A sweet ending to a truly sweet day.

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