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Monday, June 25, 2007

The culprit

Things that go "bump" in the night...overturned trash injured cat. These are the mysteries that are a daily/nightly part of life in the country. The mystery has been solved thanks to a "catch'em alive" trap provided by a dear family friend (thanks Tom!). Meet Rocky Raccoon, cat mangler and garbage eating marauder extraordinaire!

As inconvenient and annoying as the trash issue has been, our greater concern has been for our sweet kitty, Cookie. Cookie has nearly been "eaten" several times...and bears the scars from each attack. This sweet kitty showed up about two weeks after we moved in, apparently a victim of "drive-by donation" - you know, when some nice person from the city decides that every farm needs another stray cat...

Happily for us, Cookie is a great mouser and does all he can to rid the property of other pesky garden pests. We are grateful.

Unfortunately for Cookie, outdoor life in the country can be hazardous to a feline's health, particularly if the predator is considerably larger than you are!

Well, there's one less raccoon on the rampage tonight...and probably fifty more waiting in the woods!

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