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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Time is passing quickly...

Our days are so very quickly the week is passing! Each day is full of adventure and discovery.

Granddad took the boys on an "archaeological expedition" into the woods beyond our home. Armed with shovels and determination, our explorers trekked into the wilds, only to be thwarted by a tremendous amount of poison ivy. Arthur is so horribly allergic, that not one of the troop was willing to expose him to even the slightest danger...God bless them! They returned, sad but hopeful that another opportunity will present itself when the poison ivy is not quite so rampant.

Wednesday the entire family spent the day at the Columbus Zoo. Grandma Carole is an absolute trooper...she may be 84, but she has no difficulty in keeping up with the rest of the group. The children are so solicitous of her comfort, slowing down when they felt she needed a break and delighting in showing her all of their favorite animals and exhibits. It was a truly lovely day, though a bit hot at times. The children cooled off later that afternoon in the small pool in the backyard. The evening was spent roasting marshmallows and making s'mores...such fun!

Today we spent our early morning and afternoon in the shade of beautiful Darby Creek Park. The children and adults all enjoyed a bit of a "splash" in the creek. Crayfish, minnows and a variety of aquatic life kept the children entranced for several hours. Five year old Charlotte caught a baby painted turtle and proudly shared her discovery with her siblings as well as a couple of new found friends. We were all so very proud of Grandma Carole. She managed to hike the trails, climbed up and down stairs and the children had great fun showing her all of their discoveries.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all that remain of their time with us. It is passing quickly, yet joyfully. The memories that are being created together will last a life time and I'm so thankful for the great gift the grandparents and the "great" are giving us...the gift of their time.

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