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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

On clutter...

Have you slain any dragons lately? The "dragon" I am referring to is a personal one, the one that is living in your home...clutter! There are some of you out there (God bless you Kristen - everyone, please read this post, and Margaret, for setting the stage for the rest us) who provide such an incredible inspiration and example by your minimalist perspective.

For those of you living with clutter, find out what your particular "dragon" is, and slay it today! I have long been of the opinion that we all live with our own "dragon(s)", mine is a fabric dragon. Clothing, blankets, towels, sheets...all of the fabric that it takes to wrap the bodies of 9 people...and many yards more than any of us could ever need.

Two moves within the past two years have forced our family to greatly downsize our "stuff" - we have limited storage, but are still hanging on to far too much.'s to digging out. God grant me the courage to continue to let go of these earthly "tethers" and as Holy Scripture so aptly puts it "store up treasure in heaven."


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Thank you, Kimberly, for your kind words. I say Amen indeed to your suggestion of letting go of our earthly tethers...





time. :)

Margaret in Minnesota said...

PS. You know, I'd love to know how you managed that "Read More" feature on your posts. Perhaps you could email mail me to let me know? Or just respond right here.

Kimberly Wasson said...

Hi Margaret! One room at a time - Amen to that one, sister!

I sent you a link for the expandable post summary via email...hope it is helpful.