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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The blackberries are nearly ripe! Prickly bushes loaded with sweet, juicy blackberries are clustered along the perimeter of the wooded grove behind our home. Yesterday evening, Maximilian informed us that there were "hundweds and hundweds" of ripe blackberries. Armed with an assortment of containers, we made the trek...and returned with approximately 1 cup of blackberries. children have extremely fertile imaginations!

The good news: there are "hundweds and hundweds" that are in the process of ripening. Surrounded, I might add, by a rather frightening amount of poison ivy. Needless to say, Zachary will not be picking blackberries (he is horribly sensitive to the dreaded weed!) One more week...then all we must do is "out pick" the birds and avoid the thorns, snakes and poison ivy. Maybe I'll check out that nice blackberry farm in London...

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