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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Overheard today at the thrift store:

(Older lady 60ish stocking a bookshelf): "May I help you sir?"

(Much older gentleman in his 80's, dapper and quite spry): "Have you, perchance, seen any hardcover books on the collected works of Rudyard Kipling?"

Lady: "Should I be familiar with him, sir?"

Gentleman: "Indeed, yes! I am a great fan of his poetry in particular..."(he proceeds with a lengthy and quite beautiful recitation of a piece I was unfamiliar with...may have been "Apologies", but I'm not sure)

Unknown to him, he had an audience: a couple of ladies looking at teapots and coffee makers and me.

He shared his knowledge of Kipling and the period of history in which he wrote. It was a fascinating and unexpected treat!

By the way...thrift stores are such a great place to find incredible books, collectible and otherwise. I have located no less than two Latin Missals and a variety of beautiful Catholic literature and devotional materials. Check them out!

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