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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Picking blackberries is for the birds!

Defeated. The birds have beat us to the blackberries. Watching, waiting and braving the poison ivy jungle have gained us approximately two cups of blackberries...enough for a couple batches of blackberry pancakes. No blackberry pie. No blackberry jam. No blackberry cordial.

This weekend I will brave the wilds of the domesticated blackberry farm where I will stand amidst the thornless, trellised beauties and grasp handfuls - a privilege I will gladly pay for!

The next couple of days will be rather busy. My daughter, Caitlin, is coming for a visit on Thursday. Friday, the three older boys will be serving a requiem Mass in Newark. The weekend will be spent canning and freezing - the joyful preservation of the summer harvest.

Light blogging ahead...

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Hi Kimberly,

I was just wondering, did Meredith take that picture of the bird taking the blueberry? It is a great picture. How long is Caitlin staying? Hope you have a good weekend!