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Friday, July 6, 2007

An honest soul...

So...last night my teenage daughter goes to the grocery store to rent a video, taking her wallet (full of cash) with her. On her way back to the car, unknown to her, she drops her wallet but doesn't even realize it's missing until around 1:00 a.m. GASP!!
She retraces her steps and comes to the sad conclusion that she must have dropped it in the parking lot or left it in the store.

She doesn't even bother to call the store until the morning; she is so sure that it has been picked up, cash taken, perhaps her identification stolen, as well. She calls the store and, lo! an honest soul found the wallet in the parking lot and returned it to the store. Nothing missing. The wallet has been returned to her and she is quite touched by the honesty required to return such a large sum of cash.

Columbus, Ohio. A dark parking lot. An honest soul. One happy, hardworking teenage girl!


Esther said...

That is wonderful. Sure helps restores our faith in people doesn't it!

M. Alexander said...

I dropped a Marshalls bag in a parking lot with an outfit for my baby. I called the next morning and sure enough someone had turned it in. I was so happy!

I'm glad your daughter got her wallet back.