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Sunday, July 8, 2007

What can you buy with a quarter?

Well...if you're a five year old girl you are only limited by the scope of your imagination and generosity! This morning, Charlotte brought a shiny new quarter to Mass. I'm not sure what her intentions were, for the quarter was a source of constant distraction. She dropped it, loudly I might add, upon the wooden pew no less than three times. I had to take it away from her and placing it upon the pew, I promptly forgot about it.

As Father made the morning announcements, he mentioned his great desire to attend a large auction of traditional Catholic art. Since many of the items were very expensive and of museum quality, Father announced that he would willingly accept donations after Mass.

The Mass was so wonderful, so reverent and so packed! What a large and lovely crowd we had this morning. As Mass ended, Charlotte began to frantically search for her quarter. Having found it, she proceeded down the aisle and asked if she could go see Father. I lagged behind a bit, talking with friends, but finally caught up with her outside where she was patiently awaiting her turn to talk to Father.

Still distracted by my own conversations, I notice that Charlotte is a bit frustrated as she is talking to Father. She has shown him her quarter, and mumbling a few words, thrusts it at him. Father says "Is that your quarter? Are you going to buy candy?" Charlotte shakes her head no and mutters something, once again, under her breath. Father says "Are you going to save it?" With considerable frustration at Father's apparent lack of understanding and once again thrusting the quarter towards him, she says "I want you to keep it and buy some art!" With a sweet smile, Father lovingly accepts Charlottes's generous contribution.

I'm quite sure that her joy was unequaled at that moment as she contemplated the work of great beauty that Father will obtain with her help.


Zach said...

The quarter is still in my pocket and will be deposited Monday, along with a number of other donations (all larger, but none sweeter).

Father KL

Suzanne said...

Awh!! She's so sweet!

Kimberly Wasson said...

This morning Zach and Joseph went to Holy Family to practice for the newly formed Gregorian Chant Schola for boys. When they returned, Abigail asked Zachary if he could see the "art" that Father bought with her quarter...I love children!