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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Freedom of choice...

Freedom of choice. What images do these words instill in the mind of the average person? Bumper stickers from Planned Parenthood and NARAL, perhaps? Slogans emblazoned across banners carried by feminists marching for the "right to choose?"

Certainly, one would not associate this particular slogan with the brand name of a feminine product (tampon, sorry guys...had to clarify!) And one would certainly never expect to see these words boldly proclaimed on a dispenser in a Catholic elementary school girl's restroom. Which is where they were found. Today. Check out the image to the right.

"Freedom of choice" is perhaps the most hateful slogan ever devised, as it promotes a freedom that is hardly free. A freedom purchased by the death of the unborn. Yet young students in a local Catholic school are being exposed to this subtle ideology with every visit to the restroom.

If you are still unconvinced, and think that "it's just a phrase and can mean many things," then type that "phrase" into Google. The very first listing is for NARAL and every other listing thereafter is for the pro-death camp.

Perhaps it is only a sick coincidence. After all, the school can't pick and choose the names of the providers of these services. It is, nonetheless, unsettling for those of us who see the rights of the unborn encroached upon at every turn.

I will be expressing my concern to the school and Diocese. As a home educator, I'm only too thankful that my own children are not being exposed to this subtle lie...though I don't think anyone would want their children to see this advertisement and fall for the line that "it's just a phrase, it doesn't really mean anything."