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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Learning to fly...

Call them the "Young Eagles" or even the "Rocket Boys". This past summer has been "high" adventure for my guys...from a free flying lesson through the Young Eagle program, to the dynamics of backyard rocketry.

The boys have traveled to Toledo (OH), Lancaster (OH) and Muncie (IN) and have met a variety of enthusiasts of all ages.

They are now fully armed with their "Young Eagle" certificates, rockets in all shapes and sizes, RC planes and helicopters and not a few balsa wood models to construct. Looks like this year's science program will be rounded out with the "principles of aviation and aeronautical design and propulsion."

The slideshow is available by clicking the "read more" link. Thanks to Tom Ryan and my dear husband for the incredible photos. The air shots were all taken by Mr. Ryan. Thank you, gentlemen, for a summer full of science and excitement!

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