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Friday, August 10, 2007

Praise God!

Four consecutive days of triple digit heat. Six children occupying one very small, air conditioned room. Two grumpy parents.

For the past four days the children have been trapped inside the house, held hostage by dangerously high temperatures. Our home is a very old, traditional farm house. In other words - no central air! It has been a challenge to keep the children entertained, but for the most part, the "meltdowns" were minimal...until yesterday. As the temperatures climbed once again, the children began to fall apart, one by one. The little window unit in the living room, quite simply, could not keep up against the heat.

A dear friend dropped in (God bless her, she is brave!) and sat (within range of the oscillating fan), with great patience, amidst the noise, confusion and heat.

As we lamented the weather, we talked about our dear husbands who work outside in this oppressive weather, and all the people who had no respite whatsoever...people who were literally dying from this heat. And then...a miracle!

We had noticed the increasing cloud cover, most of the afternoon. Unfortunately, it only seemed to provide a blanket-like "ceiling" which further locked in the heat and humidity. My husband managed to pull open the front door (it had swelled shut due to the humidity), and a tremendous, icy-cold, breeze filled the room.

If a spaceship had landed in the front yard, it would not have received the same incredulous reaction, as ten hot, sweaty people tumbled out of the house to see, if indeed, it had really cooled off.

Withing a twenty minute period, the temperature dropped twenty degrees. Windows were quickly opened, the window unit was turned off and everyone stood outside in the rain and wind praising God for this great gift.

Last night, the children slept in their beds. Cool and comfortable. This morning, I have been greeted by the happy faces of my well rested children. Me? I feel wonderful! Thank you, my God, for this short period of suffering. It has been awhile since I've appreciated something as simple as a summer storm and sleep under the cool evening breeze.

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What a wonderful day it has been. Significantly cooler. Enjoy it while it lasts, Sunday is supposed to heat up again.