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Friday, August 17, 2007


Within the space of two weeks my girl will have:

*obtained her license

*registered to vote

*established a checking account

*purchased and registered an automobile

*started college

My dear daughter is an happened so quickly. Gone are the baseball caps and rollerblades. Now we talk about work schedules, insurance premiums and college text books.

I've been down this path more than once, but not with her. She is already far ahead of me, proceeding quickly and surely. She is so confident now, her future stretching before her like a lovely scroll, as yet unwritten.

If you have little ones...hold them close. The late night feedings, the "terrible twos", the broken arms and broken hearts...they are fleeting. Over before you know it.

I've become (once again) the wonder-struck observer of this metamorphosis. It is a hard thing to let go, yet thrilling at the same time. I find myself ridiculously proud of her bank account and her ability to cast a's rather like watching her take that first, faltering step.

So it was with the first to leave. And the second. All these hopes, dreams, fears.

They may leave your home, but never your heart. The space that each fills, is theirs alone.

1 comment:

scmom said...

I'll be in your shoes next year at this time and I'm shedding a tear for you. My son is visiting the Air Force Academy this week. Waaa!