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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ladies night...

For the past several months, the ladies of Una Voce have been participating in a bi-weekly "Ladies Night Out." God bless our dear husbands, who so lovingly sacrifice their time, many of them finishing their day's work as quickly as possible, to allow their spouse this beautiful evening of fellowship.

We have been meeting in restaurants, bookstore cafes and coffee shops, have "closed down" more than one restaurant, and been told by local law enforcement "to keep it down...there have been complaints" (a little CPD humor, though we were a bit taken aback, at first!)

The last two weeks, one of our dear "sisters" has hosted at her home. An exquisite tea party, and last evening, a delightful Italian supper.

The conversation, laughter and tears...sipping wine and tea...eating chocolate. An altogether beautiful evening.

In honor of the Feast of the Immaculate Heart/Coronation of Our Lady, we recited the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin. A lovely devotion, one which prompted an interesting discussion on the "titles" that have been given to Our Lady. We shared our favorite titles for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Here are a few observations:

Mystical Rose
Tower of Ivory
Queen of Peace
Queen of the Angels

and Mother. Simply, Mother. Yet what could be more complex than that mystical relationship which has been ordained by Christ, that we should take His Mother as our own?

Another dear friend shared the observation that many of us are blessed to share with Our Lady the titles of Daughter, Mother and Spouse.

So...what is your favorite title for Our Lady? Do you have a particular devotion tied to Her "title"? Just curious...

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