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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why Abi can't sleep...

10:30 p.m., this evening:

Daddy: "Abigail...all of the other children are asleep. Why are you still awake?"

Abigail: "Daddy, I'm different. I'm not like everyone else. I'm...I'm left-handed!"

And now we know...

Here is a poem on the "perils of left-handedness." BTW...Abigail is the only one of our nine children who is a leftie!


In honour of all left-handed,
Neglected and much abused -
A sinister bunch we are branded,
Left out and unfairly accused.

You 'Righties' are horribly righteous,
Such words as dexterity reign,
Including the ambidextrous,
Adroit and terribly vain.

You say we are gauche and south-paw,
Cack-handed and awkward to watch,
On the pitch we're a troublesome outlaw
And all that we do is a botch.

Bad news in a left-handed marriage,
In compliments, speaking on oath,
On the left is alright for a carriage,
But for 'Lefties', designers are loath.

We're ignored in the kitchen and garden,
With coffee pots, scissors and shears,
They've chosen the wrong side to sharpen,
And a chainsaw will end in tears.

Despite all the efforts to slight us,
We know that we really are deft,
Enough of this 'leftversusrightis',
As there cannot be Right without Left.

Tony Hemmings 2001


scmom said...

What a cutie! I have two out of four!

Kimberly Wasson said...

Two out of four?! Wow! Neither I nor my husband are left handed. My only sibling, a brother, is left handed and an aunt. I'm not aware of any other "lefties" in our family. I remember some of the suffering my brother went through as a child...we hope to circumvent that with Abi.

Esther said...


Micki said...

Not only is she "different"...she's funny, smart, and beautiful. :-)