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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Big red bugs...

What on earth would inspire a finicky eater to want to eat one of these?

The children were fascinated by the cooking process... although I doubted whether any of them would be brave enough to take a bite of these "big red bugs."

Apparently, my children are more than willing to eat ridiculously expensive and scary looking lobster, while snubbing the cheese stuffed pasta they were served alongside it.

Our dear friend, Tom, brought the lobster, crab legs and Caribbean jerk shrimp for Friday's meal. The boys fell upon the meal like a pack of ravening wolves. The biggest surprise? Gareth. This young man eats NOTHING! We often wonder how he survives from day to day.

Gareth likes lobster. I hope he enjoyed will not likely be on the menu again, anytime soon!

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