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Sunday, January 6, 2008


As we welcome our holy visitors, Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, we must say goodbye to the Christmas Season. Tomorrow we will take down the crumbling greenery, the tree which is quickly becoming a fire hazard and our Nativity sets. Goodbye, until next Advent!

We also say goodbye to our dear friends from Texas, John and Christina and their lovely children. Today, we hosted an Epiphany party in their honor. Twelve adults and eighteen children joined in the festivities. The gentlemen retired to the patio to smoke their cigars and drink coffee laced with Bailey's Irish Cream, as the day was an amazingly mild 57 degrees! After a hearty brunch and a good deal of excellent conversation, we ended the day with an Epiphany House Blessing. The three children who found a bean under their King Cake, processed to the Nativity set to place each of the Three Kings before the Baby God. Guests left with pieces of blessed chalk and a copy of the Epiphany House Blessing.

A lovely ending to a lovely season! Many memories, blessings and joy. May you all know peace, my dear friends. May you continue towards the Holy Season of Lent with the same anticipation that will bring you ever closer to Christ.

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