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Monday, January 14, 2008

Tea and Temptations...


The ultimate knitting and yarn emporium!

Saturday afternoon my dear friend, Sandra, presented me with yet another lovely birthday afternoon of Tea and Temptations. Both Teh Ku Tea House and Temptations are nestled in cozy Dublin, Ohio and share the same parking lot.

is a delightful yarn shop that caters to knitters and crocheters. The fiber selection is excellent, with plenty of browsing room and delightfully displayed products and projects to "tempt" even the novice. Knowledgeable and helpful staff, a restful atmosphere, plenty of table and chairs encourage a thorough perusal of patterns and fiber. Temptations offers a variety of classes, but also invites the fiber artist to just "sit and knit." We spent nearly two hours in this delightful shop. I finally settled upon a lovely sock yarn in an intense brick orange shade, while Sandra picked up a few deliciously soft skeins of Baby Cashmerino.

Here are a few photos:

While the yarn was being rolled into balls, we stepped across the parking lot to Teh Ku Tea House. A relaxing contemporary interior, outstanding selection of tea and helpful staff made for a pleasurable afternoon of sipping tea and tatting. The lunch menu offered several sandwiches and salads, all prepared to order. The Tiramisu Blend was quite lovely and the grilled roast beef sandwich with horseradish was outstanding. Staff and management were extremely cheerful and solicitous of our needs, going so far as to offer to wipe the table while we were engaging in our needlework, so as not to stain it.

The afternoon ended too soon, of course, but two very grateful wives returned to husbands who had managed the children for several us the best gift ever. The time together was precious, and as both of us have several children at home, those times are rare.

If you happen to be in the Columbus area, stop by Dublin. Tea and Temptations await you...don't miss it!

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