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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Traditional Feast of the Holy Family

The first Sunday after Epiphany marks the Feast of the Holy Family, according to the traditional calendar. A most lovely feast, honoring the Holy Family, and especially significant for parishioners of Holy Family Catholic Church in Columbus, OH.

This morning we were most blessed to attend a Solemn High Mass, with celebrants Fr. Eric Flood (recently designated District Superior General for the FSSP), our dear seminarian and former Master of Ceremonies, Michael Connaughten and Fr. Kevin Lutz, Holy Family's very own pastor.

Fr. Flood's homily on the Holy Family was touching, instructive and illuminating. A few highlights (summarizations and not the complete text):

*We must remember that one of the best ways we can emulate our Lord, is to imitate the child Jesus, resting peacefully and confidently in the arms of His dear mother, Mary. As Mary lamented the "loss" of her child (when he was teaching in the Temple), so she mourns those of us who are "lost" to her. We must return to our Mother, just as Jesus did. Mary was "mommy" to Jesus...

*If we wish our children to be virtuous, we must manifest constantly all of those virtues which Mary possessed. We must eliminate distractions, seeking our joy and finding salvation in our vocation. Mary didn't "gad about". She lived a quiet and hidden life of virtue. Her home was her castle, and she was Queen. So must we, as mothers, be queen of our castle.

*Fathers must continually seek the intercession of St. Joseph to successfully live their vocation as parent and spouse. The desire to protect the weak is wish to be heroic. They must be heroes within their own homes. If a father attends Mass weekly with his children, 80% of these children will remain practicing Catholics. If the children are taken to Church by the mother only, the numbers fall to 25%.

*The path to heaven is by way of the family.

Here is a slideshow of this lovely Mass:


Suzanne said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I missed being at Mass yesterday. I'm fighting what seems to be the "Boomerang Flu."

"We must eliminate distractions, seeking our joy and finding salvation in our vocation. Mary didn't "gad about"."

This really struck me. I've noticed over the years that good, Catholic mothers who are very actively involved in the pro-life movement and/or other apostolates outside of the home usually have one or more children fall away from the Faith -- at least for a time. I always thought that was odd. Perhaps, children come to resent what keeps them from having their mother's attention at home when they need them.

Kimberly said...


You have really hit upon something has concerned me for years... wives and mothers serving others more actively than they serve their own husbands and children. I don't believe our Lord is glorified by this. Pursuing a "vocation" outside of the one which we were originally called to, is no way to glorify God. I believe this is the point that Fr. Flood was trying to make. When our "causes" and friendships supersede the needs of our home and family, than our actions are disordered.

"Most things, in moderation..." and staying the course that leads to salvation...doing the "little things" with great love. Now that's the way of perfection...

Zach said...

Is there any way that I can get some of the pictures that are in that slideshow?

Kimberly said...


I have a CD that I made for Michael and didn't manage to get it to him before he left. I'd be happy to hand it over to you on Sunday, (you could download the pics, and give it back so I can send it to him) otherwise I can email you a few pics, if you'd like. The CD has every shot I took at that Mass, plus coffee call. Let me know what you'd prefer.