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Friday, January 4, 2008

Blast from the past...

My children refuse to believe that I was ever young, so I thought I'd gather a little proof. My mom brought a few family photos and allowed me to scan them, as she is not willing to part with them, just yet.

Tomorrow I hit "44", and while the aging process doesn't send me into a total spin, it is nice to look back over the years. I was young. Once. I think...

Proof enough? Little baby Kimmie...

And to think I criticized Abigail for cutting her bangs...kind of scary!

Check out that afro...our "dating days"

Ahhh...the new parents! Dad is sporting some pretty cool remains ever the conservative!

How far we've come!

Well, that was fun! Anyone else game? Ready to travel back in time? I'd love to see your pictures!


Suzanne said...

Kimberly -- I just scanned in about 200 old photos I borrowed from my mom and Matthew's mom. You and Roger have always been cool and attractive -- I'm sorry to report that Matthew and I would not fair well in either category in a head-to-head old photo competition with the two of you!! :)

Maryellen said...

Hi Kimberly.
I can't count the # of photos I've scanned, but I did a one page blog to chronicle our family from the 1st child to the last - a span of 11 years.

You can check it out from my main blog. In the sidebar, just click on "Our Family of Eight" -(Mom, Dad and 6 children) all in black and white.

I also made a digital photo album of the family from 1947 through 1975 so each child now has the album on DVD. The grandchildren have copies also.